Get it right

Please, educate yourself on the strategy from the source — right here!

As we all know, the internet can be a fantastic source of information – it has advanced the accrual of global knowledge to a great degree, indeed.  However, it can also be a source of substantially misleading misinformation.

You may already have searched the internet for information on The Smith Manoeuvre, or you may be about to, but what you need to be very aware of is that there is a great deal of erroneous information out there.  You will see ‘self-educated’ individuals, financial writers, and even financial professionals discussing or advising the public on the strategy when they are not entirely sure of what The Smith Manoeuvre is all about in the first place.  They may think they understand it, they will tell you they do, they will give advice on it, they will instruct you on how to implement it – but they have it wrong.  How many times we have seen, “I haven’t read the book, but…”!  Many!

The Smith Manoeuvre is not an overly complicated financial strategy but there are a number of moving parts, and many people simply have not taken the time to fully understand it before they take to the public forum of the internet.  This is not to say there aren’t those out there that truly do understand the strategy, but there are many who simply don’t have it right.  And how do you know if they know it or not?  Educate yourself from the source – right here.

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