The Smith Manoeuvre in the Media

Robinson Smith, financial educator, speaker and best-selling author of Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom is available for media interviews and speaking engagements. Please contact

In 2006, Robinson Smith returned from China where he was working in investment banking, to Victoria to work with his father, Fraser, the financial strategist who pioneered The Smith Manoeuvre. After joining his father at the advisory, Robinson helped over 500 families implement the strategy one at a time.

In 2018, Robinson sold his investment advisory practice in order to write the follow-up to his father’s original book and reach even more Canadians. Robinson now dedicates his time writing, speaking and training both homeowners and financial professionals in The Smith Manoeuvre strategy in order to continue on with his father’s original mission to give every Canadian homeowner the opportunity to say “yes” to the question, “Do you want to make your mortgage tax deductible?” Robinson has appeared on television, radio, personal finance blogs and has spoken in front of the general homeowning public and to financial professionals.

His new book on the strategy, Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom, and the accompanying Smithman Calculator as well as several courses for homeowners and financial professionals, will be released in the Fall of 2019.

He lives in Victoria, BC, with his wife, Heidi, and their dog, Harley.

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Leading Victoria-based realtor and radio host, Tony Joe, interviews Robinson on CFAX’s The Whole Home Show with Tony Joe.

Sean Cooper’s podcast

Robinson is interviewed on Sean Cooper’s podcast.  Sean made international headlines when he paid off his mortgage in three years by age 30.  Listen to Robinson explain The Smith Manoeuvre and the various accelerators to Sean’s listeners and how the strategy can increase the typical Canadian homeowners net worth by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Frugal North

The Frugal North, a leading Canadian financial blog, posts a succinct summary of The Smith Manoeuvre which explains the fundamentals of the strategy and goes into detail around the appropriate financing.

Maple Money podcast

Tom Drake of Maple Money, a leading Canadian personal finance podcast, interviews Robinson on The Smith Manoeuvre strategy.  Robinson explains the history behind the strategy, why Canadians need to consider making their mortgage tax deductible, and the many benefits that can enjoy by doing so.

Vancouver Real Estate Podcast

Adam and Matt Scalena host one of the province’s most popular real estate podcast. Listen here as Robinson Smith, author of, Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom, and Kyle Green, one of Canada’s top mortgage brokers, have a fund and informative time with the Scalena boys – Mortgage Hacking Your Way to Financial Freedom Using The Smith Manoeuvre.

“The Smith Manoeuvre is a tactical diamond-in-the-rough strategy that should be considered by every Canadian homeowner and investor. Robinson’s presentation is simple, easy to understand, engaging, and has inspired me to incorporate this brilliant strategy for myself. Thanks for making me a millionaire in the making!”

Steve Arnesonco-founder of The REInvestors

“Robinson’s presentation at our monthly investor meet-up was an eye-opening education for our attendees. The way he presented himself, held the audience, and the confidence in presenting The Smith Manoeuvre made it very easy to listen to and understand.  We are excited to see the response from our members and how Robs presentation can impact them going forward by improving their personal financial situations significantly and incorporating The Smith Manoeuvre strategy into their real estate investments. We look forward to partnering with Rob and his team in the future and making a drastic impact on the way Canadians look at their mortgage and debt”

Randy MollandCo-Founder at The REInvestors